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Is There A Catch With The Hilux Catch Can?


Is There A Catch With The Hilux Catch Can?

There is an undeniable bond between a car owner and their vehicle which can’t be easily explained. It comes from cleaning it, looking after it, fixing it up, and of course the hours that turned into days and even years of driving it. Whether for work or for travelling, alone or with others, after spending so much time in your car on the road, most drivers might start to develop a sentimental attachment to it that resembles something that would probably be comparable to a kind of strange friendship.

If this friendship is really forged through the journey that both driver and vehicle go on together, and made stronger by the obstacles that they overcome, then there should be no bond deeper that the one between a driver and their pick-up. And so we come to the Toyota Hilux.

Like most pick-up trucks, the Hilux series have a vast array of additional equipment and items that can allegedly improve it in one way or another. However, while most people want the best of the best for their car, they are understandably weary of such wild promises that come with no apparent drawbacks and at suspiciously low prices, since if they were all that they are advertised to be, then why don’t they come with the standard vehicle?

Well, when it comes to finding an item that does have a very useful function, yet is criminally underused and overlooked by car manufacturers and owners alike, there is no better example than the Hilux catch can. Without having to resort to using an entire booklet of needlessly unintelligible phrases and terms, when it comes down to it, the catch can has a simple use, but a very important one nonetheless.

The catch can, also referred to as an oil catch can, has the task of relieving the excess amount of pressure that accumulates in the crankcase that is generated by the pistons movement. Seeing as how the pistons movements are integral to the functionality of the engine and with it the whole car, the catch can is capable of providing additional ventilation, removing the built up oil and regulating the gases which could have otherwise potentially cause some damage.

In the end, it comes back to the fact that if the Hilux catch can is such a useful item, then why does it need to be installed rather than having it come with the car. Well, the truth is that even though they are being used in other brands of cars in the form of PCV (positive crankcase ventilation), Hilux have simply not yet started putting them on their vehicles. But just because they didn’t think to put one on, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t either.

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