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How To Look Like You Had a Great Night’s Sleep Even If You Haven’t

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How To Look Like You Had a Great Night’s Sleep Even If You Haven’t

I bet we’ve all seen ourselves in the mirror after a night of not being able to sleep a wink and then realize the lack of z’s can make you look… well, not too fabulous. Dark undereye circles and sallow skin call for some immediate changes in your sleeping schedule. Whether you’re stressed out, overloaded with work or you’re experiencing insomnia, going night after night without proper rest can leave you disoriented, easily irritable, totally unproductive and both physically and mentally unprepared for the day ahead. Since we’re all only human, instead of imagining some unrealistic goals, here are some simple tips that can help you fool anyone into believing that you’re perfectly rested no matter how many hours you’ve actually slept the night before.

The Magic Called Cold Water And Green Tea

Skip your morning coffee and change it with a big cup of green tea. Instead of dehydrating you and giving you a momentary energy buzz like coffee does, green tea will wake you up more naturally and will pave the way for your skin to shine bright like a diamond. And is there a better “wake up alarm” than cold water? Splash your face with ice cold water that will tighten your skin and won’t allow the occurrence of the uncomfortable swelling around the eyes, a nasty result of a poor night’s sleep.

The Importance Of The Mattress

Did you know that your mattress can be messing with your health big time? Even when you’ve had a seemingly quality ten hour sleep, if your mattress is old and full of dust mites (yes, DUST MITES), the morning after you’ll still feel like someone just ran you over with a car. As the mattress ages and begins to wear out, it starts to sag usually in the middle and that’s what gives you chronic back pain and constant headaches. So if your mattresses are four years or older, make sure you spend some money on double bed mattresses immediately, because you won’t just get a rather unflattering look the day after from a bad mattress, you can also get allergies. Plus, if you have children, by investing in double bed mattresses you’ll make sure they’re not exposed to all kinds of infections because of old mattresses filled with dead skins and body oils. Ugh, nasty.

Let Magnesium Show Off Its Powerful Effects

As I said before, lack of sleep can increase inflammation and as a result of that your eyes will look puffy and your skin dry. Replace your morning shower with a quick magnesium salts bath or if you don’t have the time, add powdered magnesium citrate to a cup of hot water and sip throughout the whole day. Magnesium is known as an anti-inflammatory and an anti-stress mineral, which means a day that starts with magnesium is a great day!

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