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Visit Cuba and Unravel its Unique and Exotic Story


Visit Cuba and Unravel its Unique and Exotic Story

It is not uncommon for us, human beings, after a certain time spent living in one place, to feel as if suffocating and needing a change of scenery. So naturally, we daydream about distant and exotic places. We long for a relaxing getaway, one that will not only loosen us up, but also fill us with heaps of positive energy. The intriguing isle of Cuba is all of that and much, much more! Here are a few reasons to wait no longer and travel to Cuba this summer!

Rich Historical Heritage

Cuba has a rich and romantic history. Interesting enough, it’s one of the few places on Earth where time moves slowly. Visiting Cuba is like stepping back in time – you will come across buildings and streets almost exactly like the ones Che Guevara saw on his rebellious adventures. This is mainly because Cuba is largely protected by UNESCO – it boasts with nine world heritage sites throughout its area. Any travel to Cuba must start in Old Havana and its many historical landmarks like La Cabana, The Cathedral of Havana, the Grand Theatre and the many stunning fortifications. The remaining must-visit sites are: Trinidad, San Pedro de la Roca Castle, Cienfuegous, Camaguey. These are just the most popular tourist spots, but a piece of Cuban history hides on every corner in every small or large town. Get on the streets and discover it by yourself!

Lively Music

Cuba, quiero bailar la salsa, right? And you can! Feel free to spontaneously burst into a dance almost everywhere you go – people will welcome you and happily join in. You might even find yourself sitting at a coffee shop subconsciously tapping your feet or snapping your fingers. The music is just so good that it completely captivates you and you cannot get away. A simple walk through the streets of Cuba is accompanied by a soundtrack that feels like you are constantly being serenaded by Buena Vista Social Club themselves. These people live and breathe music and there’s simply no moment of quietness allowed for the sake of fun.


Drinks and Cigars

This does not imply getting carried away and intoxicating yourself. But a trip to Cuba cannot end without trying the best cigar in the world! If you’re not a smoker, visiting the plantations and seeing how tobacco is made can be very educational and interesting. Cubans are famous for their love of life and celebrating it, and no celebration goes without alcohol. Many of our favourite drinks have originated in this country. We can delight ourselves in Bacardi thanks to the Cubans who figured out how to make a tasty by-product of sugar-cane. You can visit the first Bacardi factory from 1862 in Santiago de Cuba for some tastings and souvenirs. You absolutely have to visit one of its beautiful beach bars that serve delicious cocktails such as the famous Cuban inventions Daiquiri, Mojito and Cuba Libre.

White Sandy Beaches

Cuba is a beach lover’s ultimate dream destination. Its shores are adorned by miles of pristine white sand beaches that offer a breathtaking ocean view. The clean turquoise waters are perfect for swimming and the many shipwrecks and practically untouched reefs are everything a diver could wish for. Being a home to more than 300 beaches, means that there is a little something for everyone. If fancy resort areas are your thing – head over to Guardalavaca. But if you want to escape the busy tourist hotspots, then try walking through a path of driftwood and shells on your way to Starfish Beach where you’ll be treated to enormous orange starfish washed up in the shallow waters. With rich biodiversity, lush vegetation and soft sand – Cuba’s beaches are among the most breathtaking ones in the world!


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