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Self-Watering White Planter and Pots: Grow Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs at Home With Ease

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Self-Watering White Planter and Pots: Grow Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs at Home With Ease

Living in an urban environment does not mean you cannot enjoy gardening, be it planting flowers or growing your own organic herbs, vegetables and/or fruits. Although growing number of Aussies are embracing the healthy way of living (eating fresh, organic produce), many are clueless when it comes to putting together a small garden on their balcony or patio. Going to a gardening store, buying soil and plants, is easy. Creating a perfect balcony landscape design and ensuring plants thrive even with the busy to-do lists, not so much. Or maybe not. Here are few tips from experts on how to pick the best home for your herbs and plants.

Self-watering vs. regular pot

Regular container gardening can be both beneficial and demanding. While it allows easy control of the surrounding soil environment, the plant roots can become too wet or too dry depending on watering frequency. Self-watering white planter and pots, which feature a built-in water reservoir, provide an effective way to water the plants. Soil within the container seats above water reservoir where the roots of the plants can stretch into it for nourishment. This ensures the plant gets just the right amount of water it needs to thrive. And because it is a closed system, the nutrients of the soil are not lost to the ground, resulting in more healthier plants.

Be careful with colour

According to experts, avoid vivid colours. Such planters can be eye-jarring. Instead, look for white planter and pots to create some colour contrast between your plants and the pots.

Material is key

White planter and pots made of HDPE materials are one of the best. HDPE stands for high density polyethylene and is a type of recycled plastic that is extremely durable and non-leaching. Plus it is extremely safe as it doesn’t transmit no known chemicals into the soil, which is why it is the choice of urban gardeners all over the world.

Pick the right size

Your planters need to be size-appropriate for your space. They should also match the interior/exterior décor of your home. Plus they need to be big enough to accommodate the roots of chosen plants. In case you’re not sure which would be the right size, always go for the bigger one.

Location, location, location

Where you plan to place your planters matters as well. Do you want a hero or a statement piece? Do you want something functional or perhaps something with a “wow” factor? Location is key if you want to create certain level of privacy on your balcony, hence give thought to it.

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