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The Story of Introducing Scandinavian Interior Style at Home on a Budget


The Story of Introducing Scandinavian Interior Style at Home on a Budget

You’ve witnessed the hype that’s been going on around all-things Scandinavian as of late, right? Not surprisingly, the beginnings of the Scandinavian interior style go all the way back to the 1950s when it started spreading across the ocean to the USA. The fact it still fascinates people shows just how powerful of a style it is; the timelessness, cosiness, warmth, elegance, and simplicity are all components of its charm.

Coffee Table Walnut

If you feel like this is the style that could surely lighten up your abode, but don’t think you have the budget for it, fret not, there are still ways to welcome it. It’s important to start with the addition of something that could be functional, and a focal point of a room at the same time. Sure, the sofa is the primary focal point we could think of in the living room, but so is its constant companion – the coffee table. The addition of a coffee table walnut hardwood crafted, or other wood of your choice, can bring about the organic modern and minimalist warmth typical for the Scandinavian style.

It’s the same with the dining room; introduce a Scandinavian designed table, and you’re already halfway there. Since Scandinavians prefer minimalism to objects that collect dust, lose the huge carpet, and go for the look of bare flooring. You’d have reasons more to love the sight if your floor is made of wood.

The addition of vases, planters, and pots either in white, or brass finish, is also sure to help you with the Scandinavian style implementation mission – this style is all about nature, so plants are more than welcome! You got yourself the perfect decoration for that lovely coffee table walnut crafted.

Speaking of minimalism, even clearing out clutter is a step forward in the implementation of the style. That refers to both physical and visual clutter. Then again, if you have some pieces of furniture you love, but don’t think they exactly fit in, don’t toss them out; give them some refreshment instead, painting them in one of the hues typical for the style, like the hues of white, blue, grey, or lively ones like the soothing pink.

Remember this style is all about brightness. This can mean painting your walls in bright tones, choosing lighter window coverings, like curtains, reflecting more light with hanging mirrors, or having fun with some playful lighting fixtures – the choices are vast.

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