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Tips on What Lights to Include for Living Room, Kitchen and Bedroom

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Tips on What Lights to Include for Living Room, Kitchen and Bedroom

The most overlooked aspect of interior design is lighting. The truth is, most people invest their efforts in picking the perfect furnishings, the right shade of wall colour, impressive decorative details and similar. But what’s the point of it all if you go with the wrong choice of lighting and mess things up at the end?

You see, lights have the same role in an interior design that shoes have in an outfit. You might put them on last, but they are the final element that make everything complete. If you have the wrong shoes, you won’t feel good regardless of how expensive your outfit might be. Bottom line – lighting matters.

Living Room

The number one mistake people make when it comes to living room lighting is completely relying on ceiling lights. Yes, it’s true that a powerful ceiling light can illuminate the whole room, but it won’t necessary do anything design wise. The rule of thumb is to include a variety of lighting sources at different levels and spots to create a layered ambiance. Try the following: to make a statement with your ceiling light, choose a fancy chandelier. Whether it has a traditionally ornate look or it is more of the modern kind – it is sure to give your room the focal point it needs. You can find a chandelier for any room style from the vast selection interior lights online stores offer.

If you have a big room, you can freely include plenty other lights that are more on the subtle side such as downlights, lamps and coves. Plus, you can easily make a small room look more spacious with the addition of wall sconces which can also illuminate any artwork you might have. A nice way of creating your own cosy reading spot is positioning a floor lamp above your sofa.

Kitchen and Dining Area

Ceiling fixtures, such as hanging pendants and oyster lights, are the perfect choice for kitchen lighting. However, to increase the functionality of this space, make sure to include some task lighting around the key spots. Low wattage downlights installed under the cabinets will illuminate the counter while you’re cooking. And if you are feeling playful, LED strips are a good choice for under cabinet lighting that will add colour and visual interest to the space.

As for the dining area, good lighting is an important factor to ensure an enjoyable dining experience. Hanging an interesting pendant light or chandelier above the table will act as an important interior design element and will provide more visibility. Here, the brightness level is extremely crucial – you want to be able to see what your eating, but too much brightness could be uncomfortable to the eye. Keep the wattage in the range between 100-200 watts.


When lighting your bedroom, think of ways to preserve intimacy. Low lights in the form of wall sconces are a good way to achieve the romantic ambiance that this room requires. Point the lights away from the bed and towards the dressing area. This way you will have light where you most need it without disturbing the one sleeping in the bed. For everyone who enjoys reading in bed, a lamp on the bedside table is simply a must have.

Before choosing anything from the wide choice of interior lights online, make sure to first make a good plan of what you need and what will work best for your space and only then make a purchase.

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