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Autumn and Gardening Go Well Together: Garden Work Doesn’t End when Summer Does

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Autumn and Gardening Go Well Together: Garden Work Doesn’t End when Summer Does

With autumn in full power, it’s time for more than catching colds and frequent sneezes. Nature prepares itself for winter, and this transition is always a feast for the eyes and senses when we see the modification of landscapes and their shades, going from green to yellowish, reddish and brownish. The perk of having autumn in Australia is it’s milder than the one of Europe, which certainly makes the thought of upcoming winter more bearable. This season is best marveled at when you have an outside area that you love, so you can spend more time breathing in fresh air, noticing the changes.

Of course, when you have a garden, it’s impossible not to be aware of seasons changing taking the chore of leaf cleaning into account. It’s the equal tedious thing to do as snow cleaning in winter. However, nowadays we can rely on the help of ingenious tools, such as the electric leaf blower, that wouldn’t only save us the time (so we have more opportunity to be spend precious moments with loved ones instead of chores) but money as well in the long run.

Electric Leaf Blower

Why electric you ask? Because it’s the lighter, quieter and lacking exhaust fumes model. Certain models of blowers are combined with vacuum properties which amps up their function as they bag mulch, blowing away leaves in the blink of an eye at the speed of 180km/h.

Autumn also gives you the chance to do more about your garden by preparing it for next spring, so garden work doesn’t end when summer does. Once your electric leaf blower helps you with organizing all the scattered leaves into piles, instead of disposing them why not gather them up and create your own organic compost. This way you don’t only make the world a cleaner place, but you pave the path for organic gardening without the use of toxic fertilisers and avoid harming the soil.

Now is the perfect time of year to start planning what you want to include in your garden next year, plant-wise. Sure, spring and summer are the ideal planting seasons, but autumn is just right for planting before the cold arrives too. Apart from spring bulbs and pansies, you can include perennials, and let’s not forget the cool-season vegetables: lettuce, broccoli, kale, cabbage, spinach and carrots. Give your garden the same care and attention as during the hot days; there’s nothing better than having fresh produce in winter too. Now I’m off to make my salad!

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