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Fishing Bloopers: Have Fun as You Learn What Not to Do


Fishing Bloopers: Have Fun as You Learn What Not to Do

I am a huge fan of fishing. I love how calming the activity is and how much it raises the adrenaline every time you have a good catch. What I also love about fishing is how easily it can captivate your attention and make you kind of… unaware of your surroundings which ultimately ends up with you doing something stupid and hilarious. Actually, it’s like all similar life situations – you lose control over your mind and behaviour because you’re fully devoted to whatever it is that you’re doing and oops – something silly happens. Thinking about a recent fishing event, I turned to the eternal source of laughter and wisdom for that matter: the Internet. I looked for fishing bloopers funny videos for two reasons: to see what one fisherman needs to pay attention to and avoid doing while on the shore, and of course, laugh.Fishing Bloopers

Always stay on firm ground. Preferably not so close to the edge.

  • You know how water softens the soil and turns it into mud that makes the ground slip easily? Well, if you add the pressure of your body weight on top of that, there’s no doubt what the result will be: you’ll fall along with the piece of ground directly into the water! And if you don’t believe it’s a stupid mistake, just search for fishing bloopers funny videos to see it for yourself how that looks like. End result: a wet fisherman and no fish.

Do not be fooled by the shade a tree provides, it is not a suitable place for casting.

  • When you cast the reel and throw the line, you should be aware that anything in your close radius has a very high chance of getting caught on it and best case scenario: end up in the water with the bait. When you see the perfect tree shade and you think of taking the spot, have it in mind – you’re going to need to throw the line which will come into contact with the tree branches. And yes, the branches won’t end up in the water, but your rod will end up on the tree. Double trouble? Yup: no rod, no fish.

Just because it got caught on the bait it doesn’t mean it’s not going to go away. With your hat.

  • When you actually catch a fish, you should be quick and get it out of the water ASAP. Do not give time to the witty thing to get your bait and run away because it will do that. And if you are lucky enough to catch a big and strong one, but stare at it for a while instead of getting it out of the waters, it will go away on a very brutal manner. Probably taking your hat with it because once a beast lets go of a hook (even a small one of this kind), it’s going to hit you in the hat. Luckily you have a hat. Or unluckily…however, no hat and no fish.

As you can see, there are a number of situations that can happen to you if you’re not aware of the circumstances and the environment. And if you’re lucky enough to have someone at that moment filming you, then you’ll easily become a fishing bloopers funny video star, just like this guy.

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