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With the Right Fishing Reel No Expectation Is Unreal


With the Right Fishing Reel No Expectation Is Unreal

“There are two types of fisherman – those who fish for sport and those who fish for fish.”

Fishing is not just a time-pass activity as some may assume. It represents a complexity of various different techniques and skills, and suitable equipment. Just like any other sport, fishing is an interesting and fulfilling activity only for a certain kind of adventurers, those that actually like unpredictable circumstances like (frequent) bad weather, rough terrain and iffy waters. Apart from the much needed know-how personality you ought to posses, a fitting fishing gear is a must.

The fisherman’s starter kit is the same, no matter if you’re a fishing enthusiast or a pro. You’ll need a rode or two, some line, a couple of lures and a proper reel. Let’s not forget about the minor, equally important objects, like hooks and bobbers, plastic worms and a first aid kit. You need to be selective about the equipment you’re going to use if you really want to succeed (and brag with a big catch later).

The reel you are going to use mainly depends on the size of the fish you are after: big, medium or small. Firstly, you should learn to manage the drag type of reel, that is in fact the basic type of reel that allows you to decide how much resistance the fish is to feel when it pulls on the line. The most popular reel type is the spinning reel. With a great line capacity and open face design, the spinning reel is versatile and fairly easy to use. It’s the most commonly used sort of reel all over the world, especially for anglers going after small to medium-sized fish. On the other hand, they don’t provide the same effectiveness regarding heavier lures and are not as accurate as the bait-casters.

Another kind of fishing reel is the spincast reel. Easy-to-use, with a closed face design that keeps all the important parts inside and protected, this reel is recommended for children and fishing amateurs. On the other hand, the bait-casting type is very difficult to manage and master, because the spool turns when you cast. Although it is very accurate and effective, the bait-casting reel is not recommended for beginners.

The reasons why one should choose a good quality (and personally suitable) reel are numerous as we previously mentioned, but remember, no amount of expensive gear will help you become an experienced fisherman if you don’t treat your belongings with care.

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