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The Style of Your Bed Frame Can Up the Whole Bedroom Design Game

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The Style of Your Bed Frame Can Up the Whole Bedroom Design Game

I recently moved into a new home and I started the always amusing process of renovation and remodelling. I changed the wall colours, the entire furniture, the kitchen and all the accompanying details. And while all that was going perfectly well, the bedroom particularly didn’t want to cooperate with me. Nothing seemed to play with that space; it was medium big, had kind of a funny construction with not enough light coming in. It was a really horrible architectural mistake, so I decided to change it. I hired a builder and another architect and they fixed the mistake perfectly. Now, in that wide, perfectly illuminated room, there’s enough space to manipulate with the furniture.

Choosing the right bed frame and of course bed mattress was the first step in designing my new bedroom. I wasn’t going to sleep on a mattress placed on the floor, so I had to figure out what type of bed frame I wanted to put the mattress in. Plus, everyone knows that you design the rest of the room according to the bed frame – its style and colour. That being clear, I started searching for a bed frame and a bed mattress sale through online and offline markets. The offers are quite vast in materials, colours and styles, so choosing can be a rather hard task.

Since it’s important to get the bed frame that will kind of wrap up the entire sleeping area, paying attention to a few small details when buying a bed frame is crucial.

The style

This comes down to what type of person you are. Are you more into sleeping like a princess in high, French style bed, a hipster that can sleep only in vintage-y, wooden bed frame, or maybe a classy lady who’s into proven quality, like wrought iron? In the first place, it’s about how it would make you feel in it, and after that it’s how will it work with the rest of the room design. Furthermore, it’s the materials that should be taken into consideration; if you choose a simple bed, do you want a bed frame that’s upholstered, or maybe one made of bare wood? These are the type of questions you have to answer before you start choosing between the different types of bed frame for sale.

The size

If it’s for a bedroom for two, then obviously, you’d be looking for something like a king or a queen size bed, depending on your sleeping style and habits. If you’re looking for a bed just for you, then you should search for something smaller like a double bed, because a single is just too small for a grown up person. Again, make sure you pick a style that most suits your desires.

The quality

Getting a bed frame is not the same as buying a pair of socks. It’s an investment and as such it should last for some time. Therefore, choosing quality here is crucial. Wrought iron in general would be the most durable and strongest option, although, some types of wood in bed frame constructions would do just as good.

That being said, choosing your bed frame (and mattress for that matter) should be the blend of these three criteria: the style according to your desires, the size according to your needs and the best quality you can get for the money you have on disposal. So, visit a bed frame and a bed mattress sale and choose carefully!

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