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Tennis Essentials: Pack Your Tennis Bag Like A Pro


Tennis Essentials: Pack Your Tennis Bag Like A Pro

Tennis is one of the sports that you need to be well equipped for. To get what I mean, think of the many things you need to bring with you to the court. Racquets and balls, overgrips, extra string, extra clothes and different kinds of accessories – you need to have them all with you, no matter if you’re going to throw a couple of balls or have a tournament. To pack all the essentials, you need a bag. To be exact, you need a tennis racquet bag.

Besides helping us have everything we need on the tennis court, tennis bags serve a greater purpose: protecting our precious gear. Whether you play tennis professionally or recreationally, it’s important to choose the right bag for your specific needs.

Different Types of Tennis Bags

Three different bags

You must know all the different types of bags to choose the right racquet bag for you. Here’s the general breakdown.

3-12+ Pack Bags

These bags are probably the first option we think of when we hear the term tennis racquet bag. We see professional players wearing them to the court all the time. They’re racquet shaped and come in a variety of sizes and material quality. Many of them include several compartments for storing racquets and other gear and accessories. The lining of the compartments can be insulated, keeping your racquets safe from extreme weather and temperatures. Additional mesh pockets can be very useful for storing your items, and there’s often a ventilated shoe compartment included.

The most important factor about pack bags is the different sizes. There are 3 pack, 6 pack and 8-12 pack bags, meaning they accordingly fit 3, 6, 9 and 12 racquets. There are even pack bags where you can fit up to 15 racquets. To determine which size would be perfect for you, you must decide how many racquets you usually use when playing tennis.

3-packs are great for beginners and occasional players who stop by the neighbourhood court a few times a month. 6-packs are the perfect choice for more advanced players who take tennis very seriously and like carrying a few backup racquets and some extra gear. Tournament and junior players can greatly benefit from bigger bags, like those that can fit 8 to 12 racquets. 15-pack tennis bags are the epitome of the highest quality and storage for the players who like to have it all. If you’re a gear hoarder who wants to have their racquets and gear organised perfectly in many compartments, don’t settle for anything less than a 15-pack.

Tennis Backpacks

Tennis backpacks are regular backpacks with a special space for racquets that is well insulated. They can usually fit 2 racquets as well as some additional gear. They’re great for players who hit the court on an intermittent basis and those who bike, scoot or roll their way to the court. We often see professional players who have a backpack and a tennis bag from the same line. While they sure do need additional storage, it’s usually a matter of sponsorship.

Duffle and Travel Tennis Bags

These are larger bags perfect for carrying your tennis gear on trips. As they can fit multiple racquets, they’re also great for having your racquets safely stored at home. Besides racquets, they’re great for carrying extra apparel, like clothes and shoes, to the court.

Designer Tote Bags

Girls love their designer tote tennis bags. They come in various designs, patterns, and shapes and are a great way to show up on the court in style. They can fit up to 3 racquets and some additional gear. If you’re a professional player who needs more space but also likes to add a vibe to your tennis look, consider pairing your tote bag with a larger tennis bag or duffle bag.

How to Choose the Right Tennis Bag?

Tennis player with tennis bag

These are some of the main questions to consider when buying a tennis bag. By answering them, you’ll get some basic guidelines.

  • How many tennis racquets will you be storing? This is pretty obvious considering the many different tennis bag sizes.
  • How much storage do you want? Besides the number of racquets, the volume of additional tennis gear you wear is also important. Some bags don’t have as many pockets as others have.
  • How much protection do you need for your racquets? You’ll want a high-quality bag to protect your investment during storage and transport if you’ve spent good money on high-quality racquets.
  • How durable do you want it to be?
  • How would you like to carry it? Backpack style or longer straps?
  • What brand would you prefer? The most famous tennis brands like Babolat, Yonex, Head, Wilson and Technifibre make some of the favourite tennis bags, having the needs of tennis players in mind. Other sports brands like Dunlop, Adidas and Nike have also released some great racquet bag models that many people find are more than enough.

How to Pack Your Tennis Bag like a Pro?

Once you decide on the perfect tennis racquet bag for you, it’s time to learn to pack it like a professional tennis player. If you’re wondering what tennis players carry in their bags, here’s a glance.

Tennis Essentials

These are the necessities both for a quick run and a full game day at the court:

  • Tennis racquets
  • Tennis balls
  • Tennis string
  • Overgrips
  • Towel
  • Water bottle for water and electrolyte to stay hydrated
  • Sun protection, such as sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat/visor

Important extras

Banana and protein chocolate

These are especially important while having a whole day of games, tournaments and weather delays. Having these items in your tennis bag ensures your comfort and wellbeing at any time on the court.

  • Extra clothes, including socks & extra pair of tennis shoes
  • Phone and earbuds
  • Wallet, including some cash
  • Snacks: gel, protein shake and banana

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