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Compression Sportswear: Get More Out of Your Workout and Stay Injury-Free


Compression Sportswear: Get More Out of Your Workout and Stay Injury-Free

It really don’t matter whether you’re a fitness enthusiast who spends hours at the gym, or more of a long-distances runner, wearing the right garments for the type of activity you’re performing is crucial for the ultimate success. With the great innovations in the world of fitness, new types of gear, machines and gadgets are being invented quite often and one of the greatest things when it comes to maximizing the positive effects of your painstaking efforts, are the wonders that compression sportswear can do to your body.

This is a close-fitting type of clothing and its range varies from T-shirts and tights, to socks and similar essentials. They are made with high Lycra or other elasticated fabric which basically hugs and squeezes the muscles which is quite important for reaping the benefits of your workout or running session. Compression clothing helps you train more efficiently, stay away from injuries and recover faster.

Compression Tops

Compression tops offer core support to your upper back, sides and stomach, which is especially useful for long runs or workout sessions. A compression top will improve your breathing as well. By supporting and squeezing the chest with each inhalation, compression wear encourages a more focused breathing. Keeping your body in the right posture is vital while training, thus the better the posture, the better the breathing and end results.

Compression Tights

Wearing compression sportswear will significantly reduce the time needed for recovery, and since it reduces muscle oscillation, you will waste less energy. If you find yourself often experiencing cramps in your legs, wearing compression tights might be the right solution to this problem. Since they are close-fitting, they will help your body produce more lactic acid, which is flushed out by the squeezing of muscles, and thus reduce or even eliminate cramping. Areas like the quads and calfs are exposed to a higher risk of injuries. Therefore, a pair of compression tights will reduce this risk and will help you be more effective in what you do. Also, because compression sportswear is made to be breathable, wearing compression socks and tights will increase the oxygen in your veins and muscles.

  • One of the terms that you’ll come across most frequently is DOMS or also known as delayed onset muscle soreness. This is the general stiffness you will feel usually between 24 and 72 hours after exercising and it is a result of over-exercised muscles.
  • Exercise-induced muscle damage or EIMD, is how sports scientists describe the wear and tear of the muscles caused by exercise.
  • When looking for compression clothing, you will certainly come across the term graduated compression. In order to improve the blood flow, some pieces of compression wear vary in the amount of squeeze along their length.
  • Muscle oscillation is the natural vibration that happens as the muscle is flexed or experiences impact.
  • Venous return refers to the blood flow that goes back to the heart. Compression clothing can improve the venous return by balancing the flow of blood from the heart while helping the production of lactic acid.

When buying compression wear, choosing the right size is a very important matter. The pieces need to fit your body perfectly so you can enjoy all the benefits they offer. In order to make the right choice, use a tape measure and take the following body measurements: tight circumference, calf length, waist, chest and leg length. Write down the measurements and then double check them with the sizing charts on the company’s website in order to buy compression wear that will perfectly fit you.

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