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Upgrading to a Frameless Shower Door: Some Important Considerations

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Upgrading to a Frameless Shower Door: Some Important Considerations

Frameless shower doors are quite sought-after as of late and it’s easy to see why – they can add a sense of class and sophistication to even the simplest of bathroom spaces. Since they are made of glass, they allow for more light, and can make the bathroom look and feel bigger. If you too have decided to equip your bathroom with a frameless bathroom shower door, there are a few considerations regarding the shower installation.

First things first, it’s important to consider how each individual element will contributes to the final look. That entails carefully choosing the style of glass you prefer. The options include clear, patterned and textured glass. If privacy is paramount, then you should choose glass with a pattern or texture. On the other hand, if the natural light from a nearby window would energize you during your morning showers, then a clear glass makes for a classic choice.

The hinge type matters most to those who want the largest all-glass surface for their frameless shower. If you too fall into this category, a pivot hinge that attaches on the top and bottom corners of your shower door would work best as most of the shower door is smooth glass, while side-mounted hinges notch into along the sides of your shower door and are slightly more noticeable.

Also, it is rather strange how can a shower tray which is such an important element of your bathroom shower system can sometimes be neglected. This is the one item that makes sure you get the highest level of convenience during your showers by preventing water leakage. It’s in the nature of water to go where there is the least resistance, and it’s very hard to stop water once it has found that path. A shower tray with a tilt ensures that water flows where it is supposed to flow – immediately to the drain.

Apart from being practical, your shower tray should also be beautiful and modern enough to complement the frameless glass shower doors. On that note, sturdy designed ones, combined with elegant lines are not only practical but also stylish and make for a highly desirable shower tray. Being a water repellent is also very important as we all know bathrooms can get steamy and wet. They should also be strong enough to withstand heavy wear. That being said, one made of extruded polystyrene is a smart choice as the material is exceptionally strong and can’t get damaged easily.

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