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How to Transform Your Poolside into a Private Oasis

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How to Transform Your Poolside into a Private Oasis

As temperatures continue to drop and you spend more time indoors, you start to realise that you’ve taken the power of your outdoor pool for granted the entire summer. Although you did splash around in it for a few times rarely did you took the time to lounge and relax beside it. But seasons come and go, and in the blink of an eye, it’s going to be summer again. And you don’t want it to catch you off guard again, do you? With that being said, here are the elements you need to turn your poolside into a private oasis.

folding sun bed

Folding Sun Beds

What is a pool area without some sleek folding sun beds to bask in? Sun beds are the most popular type of furniture for people looking to make their poolside more attractive and functional. Depending on your personal taste, there is a variety of folding sun beds to choose from including wicker, rattan, colourful plastic or all-weather mesh fabric and metal frames for durability. You can also pick ones that are adjustable to allow you to comfortably recline at any angle. To make them extra comfortable, you can add soft cushions for increased support. Some sun bends can also be transformed into upright chairs for sitting and chatting so that do you don’t need to purchase additional furniture.


Since sitting in the sun all day long isn’t exactly pleasant, you will need to provide your poolside area with some refreshing shade. This can be in the form of large, luscious trees and shrubs. But if greenery isn’t an option, you can simply add some shade with a large umbrella or a pergola if your budget allows you to. You can even consider getting a shade sail that’s UV-resistant and affordable.


If you don’t have a lot of time during the day to splash around in your pool, you can always go for a swim during the evening. However, to make your pool area safe in the dark, it’s important to add the right mix of outdoor lights. You can do so with the help of spotlights which will provide plenty of illumination so that you can enjoy your pool safely even if its dark. However, for those moments when you want to make it a little more romantic and intimate, you may want to turn off the bright spotlights and use softer illumination in the form of lanterns, twinkling string lights or floating pool lights.

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