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Enhance Your Spa Experience with Some Cool Accessories

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Enhance Your Spa Experience with Some Cool Accessories

Hot tubs are already awesome on their own. They come with several major benefits as the combination of heat and massage can relieve stress and provide relaxation. But they can become even better with some cool accessories. So whether you are sharing a moment with your significant other, having friends around or just enjoying some me time, additional gadgets, toys, pools parts and accessories can take your tub up a notch and ensure more fun and comfortable experience. If you have been searching for a way to improve your spa soaking sessions, one or all of the accessories mentioned below can do the trick.

pools parts and accessories


Having something like a sidebar attached securely to the sidewall of your hot tub can save you from the hassle of getting out to get what you want. This makes for the perfect place to keep drinks, snacks, phones and reading material within arm’s reach while you enjoy a soak. A floating spa bar that will keep your favourite snacks safe from the water bellow or super cool floating cup holders also make for a great pools parts and accessories for storage.


Furthermore, to immerse yourself even deeper into this experience, you can incorporate the benefits of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy packs that come in an assortment of scents can leave a nice smell (as no one likes the smell of chlorine) while leaving your skin soft and smooth. Moreover, these are specially made to not foam or affect the water PH level since you don’t want to trade the stress relief that comes from an aromatic soak in a hot tub for the stress that comes from having your spa components damaged by improperly used essential oils.

TV Monitor

With a TV monitor for your spa, you no longer have to choose between a hot tub soak and your favourite Netflix show since you can have them both. Quality hot tubs monitors are made for outdoor viewing and longevity and for better protection you can purchase protective monitor covers.


Spending time in the tub would be also more fun if you can play a game. That being said, a perfect addition that will give you hours of enjoyment are floating game boards or games like checkers, chess and backgammon or a pack of waterproof playing cards. You can also use a floating mat or tray to enjoy games of poker, gin rummy, go fish and more.

Underwater Lights

Remote controlled LED lights that can be attached to the floor or walls of your hot tub can add a colour ambience to your hot tub and can be set to your own mood. You can choose any colour of the rainbow to flash, strobe, fade, or simply light up the water. Apart from creating ambience, it’s also practical lighting that can prevent trips, slips, falls, and other accidents.

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